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I played this game on Newgrounds. A very good psychological game, I would even call it a masterpiece and the best thing I've played in recent times, the only minus is that I couldn’t understand what to do for about 10 minutes and how to go further, but the atmosphere is just amazing. I would like to see a continuation in the future, I really liked this gloomy atmosphere,100\5,btw continuation is planning? I really need to continuation,its so cool gloomy dark atmospheric game,it reminds me of Sin City.

Im playing your game on Newgrounds right now, and its fantastic and beautiful. May I ask what your plans are now that flash is ending?

How do I make it fullscreen?

Very nice Idea!  Cool Art-Style! :)

Thanks a lot :)

No more alpha version!

I added more choices, multiple endings and the handles are smooth now! :)

If you want to support my work, follow the link below:

No donation is too small!

Hi there! Thank you for submitting to the Pixel Horror Jam 2. However, I have to ask - was this game made with a pixel aesthetic in mind and made after July 1 2017? If not, unfortunately, I will have to disqualify it.

Hey, thanks for your comment. Yeah, actually I was wondering what's meant by pixel aesthetic. I've drawn the animations using pixels, so I thought it may count ;) And concerning the time:  I've started the game in June, but it's still 'early access'. I'm currently trying to get rid of all the bugs. So it's still developing. :) 

Interesting stuff, certainly is strange. Neat visuals!

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Thanks! Unfortunately the controls are a bit messy. Nothing bad but it would cost me weeks of work to fix it. I already know how I could avoid the problem in episode II, though :)

Right even after downloading it still didn't work when I tried opening the SWF, not in chrome and not in firefox. I finally got the game to work as an SWF and to show up on this page. You have to change a setting in Chrome, here's how you get the game to work in chrome on this page, you can also drag and drop the SWF into Chrome after this method:

- Go to your Chrome settings (the 3 dots in the top right of chrome and click Settings)

- Type "flash" in the search bar at the top, it'll show a yellow bubble with "flash" pointing at "Settings for content" at the bottom, click on it.

- Click on Flash

- Turn off the second switch "Ask first", apparantly not all sites actually ask like over here, after turning Ask first off, try opening this page again or restart chrome and the game should  work

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Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope it's worth it :) When I log out, it still works perfectly fine in safari and in firefox ...

I'm sorry, but there's no grey screen here. I'm on chrome. The rest of the page is fine, but there's no game haha

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Chrome users seem to have problems playing the game in the browser. That's why i made it available for download.

Thanks for your comment, and please be aware that this is still an alpha version, the handles can be a bit buggy sometimes (nothing bad), everything else works fine. If you're stuck and need a hint to proceed, don't hesitate to comment here. I'll answer asap. :)

I hate to say it but I'm on chrome which comes with Flash built in and updated, and I don't see any grey screen to begin with. There's nothing.

Could you try exporting it to SWF and uploading that as  a download?

Thanks for letting me know. The file is now available for download. Be aware that this is still an alpha, the handles can be a bit buggy sometimes, everything else works fine. If you're stuck and need a hint to proceed, don't hesitate to comment here. I'll answer asap. :)

Hello! This looks interesting but I don't see a download link?

you can play it directly in the browser;) just wait a minute until the grey screen turns black:)